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Mrs. Asha Das

Hon’able Principal

From the Principal’s Desk

The solitary ‘constant’ in the history of the evolution of mankind is ‘change’!

The ever-unfolding phenomenon of human civilization has its revolutionary impact on primordial impulses. The learners of the present generation are always exposed to quick and drastic changes in their environment, often leading to a threat perception in the society, through a paradigm shift in their own culture and heritage.

The Stewart family, since its formation, has witnessed the strength of the bond of togetherness and love. It has been able to thwart successfully the malicious attempt of some unwelcome foes and has emerged triumphant, amply proving its innate power of endurance. The connotation is simple – the unwavering goal of implementing a child-centric education and ‘the spirit of union’. The Stewart Community is firmly rooted in the Indian Culture. Students learn to respect and love their place of education. They learn the life-skills which strengthen them to extend their helping hands to the downtrodden and weaker souls of society.

I am glad to note that Stewart School, under the aegis of Diocese of Cuttack, CNI has successfully managed to create a very unique impression in the society, in terms of a holistic education.

I would like to congratulate my teachers and students for their hard work towards the publication of our magazine. This publication helps us to discover and foster a connection between the past and the future of this school. This tone is intended to be a living testimony of those ‘changes’ in our growing up, through paradigm shifts; through the ever-evolving challenges of these modern times.

I pray to the Almighty God for that vision and wisdom which will lead our Stewart team on the path of a greater humane success in the years that lie ahead.

Mrs. Asha Das
Principal (Stewart School, Cuttack)