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[highlight background_color=”transparent” color=”rgba(0,66,132,1)”]Our Principal [/highlight]

[highlight background_color=”transparent” color=”rgba(201,0,0,1)”]Mr. F.C. North[/highlight]

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[highlight background_color=”transparent” color=”rgba(0,66,132,1)”]Welcome To Our School


Stewart School, Cuttack has its tell-tale glorious past, soaked in legend. Stewart School, Cuttack was founded in 1882 by the enterprise and generosity of Dr. William Day Stewart, a Civil Surgeon based at Cuttack. In 1910, the school was recognized as a Higher Elementary School by the Inspector of European Schools, Bihar and Orissa. The name of the school was altered to Stewart School, Cuttack, to perpetuate the name of its Founder, Dr. Stewart. In the year 1924 the school was confirmed in the status of Junior Secondary School and the Cambridge Syndicate sanctioned the opening of a centre for Cambridge Examinations in the school. In the year 1974, the school was affiliated to CISCE, New Delhi. Stewart School, Cuttack is an Ango-Indian School and its Principal is the State’s only Non-official representative on the Inter-State Board for Ango-Indian Education.
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[highlight background_color=”transparent” color=”rgba(0,66,132,1)”]What New @ School?


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“A Free Book Day”. Students are engaged in Activity oriented learning at Open Air Garden. Activity oriented learning is being fi8cilited through e-learning class edge.

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All the classrooms are furnished with Classedge digital cabinet – ICT enhances learning outcome everyday.

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[point_block mode=”centered” image=”https://stewartschoolctc.in/wp-content/uploads/Pen-Learning-Center-icon.jpg” title=”Open Learning Center “]

Class-wise students learn in open environment friendly garden of the school. Various activities through learning by doing method.

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Everyday one class students go for study tour during the school hour for better learning exposure.

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Students have undertaken a project in a slum area to give community service (Each One Teach One).

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[point_block mode=”centered” image=”https://stewartschoolctc.in/wp-content/uploads/habitab.jpg” title=”Habitat Youth Club”]

Students participated and organize various camps for Team Building.

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[point_block mode=”centered” image=”https://stewartschoolctc.in/wp-content/uploads/language.jpg” title=”Language Lab(English Mentor)”]

Language Lab inaugurated on the by  former . English Mentor aims at perfect spoken English of our students.

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[point_block mode=”centered” image=”https://stewartschoolctc.in/wp-content/uploads/admin-ajax.jpg” title=”National Cadet Corps “]

Stewart School, Cuttack NCC Girls’ Troop (Army Wing) consist of 50 girl students of the school and the Troop Leader .

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Stewart School, Cuttack Scout & Guide team consist of 100 students of the school. Scout Master of the school.

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[highlight background_color=”transparent” color=”rgba(0,66,132,1)”]News & Notice[/highlight]

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[highlight background_color=”transparent” color=”rgba(0,66,132,1)”]Notice For Parents 


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[highlight background_color=”transparent” color=”rgba(0,66,132,1)”]Latest Events


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[highlight background_color=”transparent” color=”rgba(230,230,230,1)”]Information to the Parents & Guardians[/highlight]

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[highlight background_color=”transparent” color=”rgba(230,230,230,1)”]Our School Infrastructure


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[highlight background_color=”transparent” color=”rgba(0,66,132,1)”]Our Prime Facilities 


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[highlight background_color=”transparent” color=”rgba(221,29,29,1)”]School Library[/highlight] [font_awesome icon=”fa-book” size=”2x” color=”rgba(221,29,29,1)” fill=”none” fill_color=”transparent”]

We provide a large library hall in our school. Students are encouraged to read books of their own choice.

[highlight background_color=”transparent” color=”rgba(221,29,29,1)”]School Canteen[/highlight] [font_awesome icon=”fa-coffee” size=”2x” color=”rgba(221,29,29,1)” fill=”none” fill_color=”transparent”]

We have a canteen in our school premises for the convenience of the students and the staff.

[highlight background_color=”transparent” color=”rgba(221,29,29,1)”]School Playground[/highlight] [font_awesome icon=”fa-spinner” size=”2x” color=”rgba(221,29,29,1)” fill=”none” fill_color=”transparent”]

Our school provide a big play ground for the students to take part in games.

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[font_awesome icon=”fa-home” size=”2x” color=”rgba(221,29,29,1)” fill=”none” fill_color=”transparent”][highlight background_color=”transparent” color=”rgba(221,29,29,1)”]Boarding House[/highlight]

The Boarding House caters to boys from the age 4 years upwards.

[font_awesome icon=”fa-desktop” size=”2x” color=”rgba(221,29,29,1)” fill=”none” fill_color=”transparent”][highlight background_color=”transparent” color=”rgba(221,29,29,1)”]Computer Lab[/highlight]

Our school provide Computer Lab with latest & updated systems.

[font_awesome icon=”fa-trophy” size=”2x” color=”rgba(221,29,29,1)” fill=”none” fill_color=”transparent”][highlight background_color=”transparent” color=”rgba(221,29,29,1)”]Games & Sports[/highlight]

All students are encouraged to take part in games and activities under the guidance of trained P.E.Ts.

[font_awesome icon=”fa-refresh” size=”2x” color=”rgba(221,29,29,1)” fill=”none” fill_color=”transparent”][highlight background_color=”transparent” color=”rgba(221,29,29,1)”]Other Facilities[/highlight]

Swimming Pool, Separate Science Building, Sport Academy etc.

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