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Those Days Of School

The days that never turned out to be hectic even to the lazy Lads. Precious hours were those days of school that remains evergreen . Like every green scenary could bring smile to people faces,the buildings ,playground , classrooms and the canteen of Stewart school never fails to encounter the joyous faces of the Stewartonians and l was no exception. The feelings of he first day of the school to the very last day , a total contrast of emotions but both were expressed with tears.

The little negotiation in the early morning never got old with your mom to get ready for school but reaching late after the assembly was a next level fun . When we think of those days of ours, where polishing shoe with socks and shaping nails with teeth were so fun. Moreover the early morning fights in the very first period for chalks and dusters was no less of a thing that l could miss out . The way two sections get into fights for a silly stuff could make every teacher laugh and rescue us from punishments .And the very chorus of Good Morning ma’am was more of a sweet alarm and a greeting for the class teacher which is to be iconic of our times.

Interhouse matches was more of a fun and a reason for most of us to bunk classes . And the smart work of distracting the teacher and making her into unessary drama of back bencher is to be a rountine that’s was followed more than the actual timetable . The last period giving us chills if the miniute shifts a bit . The break time chaos was to be continued after the school hours gets over because to us the break were shortest and the period were longest .

“Those Days of School by Sara Baishnabi”

Sara BaishnabiBatch of 2021 -2022

The break time as well as the dispersal time that could ever have any limitation,the volumes were always on its peak .But never thought that dispersal could ever come out to be bad either with the last day of school with the silence,that echoed a lot