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Those Were The Days

By November 29, 2022December 13th, 2022No Comments2 min read

Those Were The Days

Education is our passport to the future ,for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare it today and the best place to acquire it is school.
Stewart School…..A place which was a second home for me and whose members were no less than a family to me….A place which gave a true meaning to my life, which introduced me to the real face of the outside world and which played a major role in moulding my personality. Early in the morning walking along the balcony when I see those young kids going to school with their uniforms on, stirs me up with a whole lot of emotions and old memories. But everytime there’s that one thing that gets me goosebumps whenever I think about my school and that is the independence day celebration.
This very auspicious day, commences with a prayer followed by the hoisting of the National Tricolour and then every single person in the school stands with his head held high singing “Jana Gana Mana” and “Vande Mataram”.Our honourable Principal Sir with his inspiring speech reminds us of the countless sacrifices made by our freedom fighters to unbound the shackles of poverty and superstitions and make our country British free. This used to be followed by a felicitation programme for the underprivileged where study materials,food items and other necessary commodities were distributed among them.
This day is a day of pride and I love the way my school celebrates it.Truly, some memories are unforgettable remaining ever vivid and heartwarming.The past beats inside me like a second heart and my inner voice keeps reminding me of the most valuable etiquette that has been imbibed to each Stewartanian…………

“Those Were The Days”

Sambit MohantyForever Stewartanian